Order for 2024/4/4 景美小學 Delivery (因小幫手返台,僅有景美小學送貨服務)

About Seattle Asian Foods

Seattle Asian Foods marketplace platform offers an online platform for Greater Seattle Region customers to order food online, and pickup at your desired location. You can order food or grocery from our each of the Restaurant Partners and pick up at one location. (e.g. You can order food from Seattle, Issaquah and choose to pick up at Redmond) We partner with restaurants across the Greater Seattle Region to deliver you the best quality food, frozen packs and groceries.

西雅圖餐廳聯盟提供您一個便捷、高效的訂餐取餐體驗,您可以在我們所有合作夥伴餐廳中選購您喜愛的產品,接著選擇一個指定地點提取所有的餐點與雜貨,讓您只要一趟出門,完成所有食物、冷凍包、雜貨的購物行程! (例如:您可以下單我們在Seattle、Issaquah合作夥伴餐廳的餐點,並選擇在我們Redmond的合作夥伴餐廳提取所有您下單的產品)

Product pricing and delivery service is provided by the partner restaurants


As a customer, you do not need to pay delivery fee if you choose to pick up the meal from the restaurants, and this is also the unique benefit of our platform, where you can pick up multiple food from one restaurant without the need to run around or hefty delivery fee. Of course, we also provide door-to-door delivery for some locations for a fee.

作為我們的客戶,若您選擇到各合作夥伴餐廳提貨點取貨,您不需要付任何額外的取貨費用,這也是Seattle Asian Foods平台的特色,能夠讓您一站式購足各家餐廳提供的精緻餐點,並且在一個地點提領完畢!平台目前有部分地點也開放付費的送到家服務。

Updated: May 31, 2021