Order for 2024/4/4 景美小學 Delivery (因小幫手返台,僅有景美小學送貨服務)

How Seattle Asian Foods Work

  1. Order meals from different restaurants you like before the cutoff date (Every Friday 12:30pm) (Thursday for bakery items)
  2. Pickup the meal at your preferred location
  3. Heat up the meal if needed & enjoy! 

No expensive delivery and service fee for pick-up. Comparing with other door to door delivery services, you save 30% or more.  Low flat rate to-door-delivery is available in limited areas.


  1. 每週五下午十二點半結單前,下單你喜愛的餐點,可以一次在不同的餐廳點菜
  2. 週六在您選擇的地點收取您的食物
  3. 若需要,可以用微波爐或氣炸鍋重新加熱食物,熱騰騰的美食即可輕鬆上桌!



We honor price match from other platform, however, we do not price match our own limited time promotional offer.

All sale are final unless your items are spoiled or destroyed.

For free pick-up customers, please choose the right location, and show up on-time to ensure you receive the goods prepared. And please let us know if you are unable to pick up the items at the designated time / location you've chosen online, if you fail to pick-up the order, we'll charge you the full amount due to the nature of food business that items not picked up might spoil.